Static electricity

It can happen to anyone: little shocks that make us jump, our hair stands on end, or a sweater that sparks when we want to wear it so badly… It’s all about electricity static, which can cause us unpleasant sensations when a transfer occurs. Do you want to get rid of static electricity, and wear that dress or clothes you like so much again? Follow our tips and tricks, which are provided to you by our electricity company.

Static electricity: what are the causes of this phenomenon?

The environment around us contains an equal number of protons, therefore positive charges, and electrons, negative charges. We then speak of an environment that is electrically neutral. The phenomenon of electric shock occurs when friction and contact occurs between two materials with insulating properties. There is a modification and a redistribution of the electrical charge, thus giving rise to the whole phenomenon.

During our daily life, we charge ourselves with electricity¬† ; and if we come into contact with an element that conducts electricity (a door handle, clothes, objects, etc.), and if our electrical charge is out of balance, a rebalancing will occur, via a transfer of electrons from our body to the object with which we have come into contact. And that’s how electric shock happens.

Some solutions to get rid of static electricity

Static electricity is present everywhere, in the environment around us, and in the clothes we like to wear. This is why, it does not seem obvious to be able to remove it easily. And yet, a few relatively simple techniques will allow you to limit or get rid of this rather unpleasant phenomenon.

Humidify the air in your home

You should know that the cooler and more humid the air, the less it will transmit static electricity. A few tricks will then allow you to humidify your rooms: you can for example put green plants that you will spray on a regular basis; you can also simply use a humidifier, which will allow you to maintain an adequate level of humidity in your interior.

Opt for clothes made of natural fibers

To avoid this unpleasant feeling when wearing your favorite clothes, choose clothes made with natural fibers. If you have clothes made of synthetic fibres, you just need to put them on a metal hanger in your bathroom , so that they can benefit from the humidity present in the room during your shower and your preparations.

For the hair: use a silicone-based product

During the winter, the air becomes drier, and the static electricity will therefore spread even more. To remove static electricity from the hair, especially if you have fine, dry hair, while showering, use a silicone-based product. Thus, your hair will benefit from a barrier against the electrical charge, and in addition you will have shinier hair. You will easily find silicone-based hair products in stores and supermarkets.

Pay attention to the ground

When you walk on synthetic carpet with shoes, it will promote the spread of electrical charge due to friction. In order to avoid this phenomenon therefore, we recommend that you favor leather or rubber soles, which will act as insulators, and which will protect you when you walk on the carpet.

When you are in your home, opt for woolen socks, and choose a cotton carpet, which does not propagate static electricity. If you have any other questions in the field of electricity, contact our electricity company in Lyon

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