Trending Flooring Options

When it comes time to replace the flooring in your home, you want options that are on-trend, high-quality, and budget-friendly. That’s why so many homeowners in Worthing turn to the expert staff at the area’s best carpet shop. Read on to learn about some of today’s most popular flooring varieties and how the knowledgeable professionals at Carpet Shop Worthing can help you pick the perfect floors for your lifestyle and décor.

Plush and Durable Carpeting

It’s no surprise that carpeting remains one of the most sought-after flooring options for Worthing homes. Who doesn’t love the soft, warm feel of carpet underfoot? The team at Carpet Shop Worthing offers hundreds of carpet styles and textures to match any interior design theme. Plush carpets in rich neutrals create a cosy, welcoming ambience in living rooms and bedrooms. Fibre offers exceptional softness and stain resistance – ideal for homes with kids and pets. Patterned carpets in dynamic colours and geometric shapes add artful flair to any room. And for heavy traffic areas like stairs and hallways, low-pile Berber loops ensure lasting durability. The carpet experts at Carpet Shop Worthing help simplify the selection process while providing quality installation and advice on keeping your new carpet looking fabulous.

Hardwood’s Natural Beauty

Hardwood floors never go out of style thanks to their timeless beauty and versatility. Carpet Shop Worthing offers a wide array of solid and engineered hardwood flooring to suit both classic and contemporary design tastes. Handsome oak in natural mid-tones provides an elegant starting point. Exotic woods make more adventurous (and budget-friendly) choices. Wide planks create a sleek, spacious look, while varied strip sizes add interest underfoot. Distressed hardwoods with visible knots and colour variations provide nostalgic appeal. With regular cleaning and refinishing, you can enjoy beautiful hardwood floors for decades. The team at Carpet Shop Worthing will ensure your floors are expertly installed and maintained.

Sleek and Durable Vinyl

Today’s vinyl floors go far beyond outdated linoleum. Carpet Shop Worthing offers vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) that realistically emulate wood, and stone at a fraction of the cost. Rigid core vinyl planks stand up to heavy foot traffic while resisting moisture damage – great for kitchens, baths, basements and more. Grouted vinyl tiles create the look of slate, travertine or marble without the tricky maintenance. Abstract graphic prints and bold patterns liven up contemporary spaces. With simple snap-together systems, vinyl floors can also be DIY-friendly. The pros at Carpet Shop Worthing keep you updated on the newest vinyl flooring advances so you can enjoy both cutting-edge style and durability.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring

For homeowners interested in sustainable design, bamboo flooring offers durable beauty with an eco-friendly story. Available in planks and refined strand-woven tiles, bamboo features rich natural hues and intriguing grain patterns reminiscent of exotic hardwoods. It resists moisture, scratches and impact while providing a hypoallergenic surface. As one of the fastest-growing and renewable plants on earth, bamboo makes an excellent sustainable choice. Carpet Shop Worthing offers durable bamboo flooring with non-toxic finishes to complement your green home vision. Professional installation ensures your bamboo floors enhance indoor air quality while making a striking visual statement.

Eye-Catching Tile

If you’re seeking a sleek, polished look for certain high-traffic areas, tile floors are a top choice. Tile resists moisture, stains and impact while providing easy-care durability. Carpet Shop Worthing offers hundreds of porcelain and natural stone tiles to match any design scheme. Bold geometric patterns and colour gradient styles transform floors into art. Large-format tiles and neutral hues create an airy spa-like ambience. The knowledgeable tile experts ensure your selection works with your lifestyle, installation location and décor. With proper care, you can enjoy stunning tile floors for decades to come.


Whatever your personal flooring needs and preferences, the team at Carpet Shop Worthing has you covered. Their extensive selection includes all the latest flooring materials and styles tailored specifically for the Worthing market. Combined with expert service, quality installation, and honest design advice, they make the entire flooring process smooth, stress-free and enjoyable. Visit their showroom or website to view all the trending flooring choices and discover how Carpet Shop Worthing can help upgrade your home beautifully today.

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