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US homeowners are bothered by a number of pests that invade their houses without them even knowing. Some pests, such as ants, may be easier to deal with. However, some, such as rodents, are largely hated by the American population. Rats and mice can wreak havoc in your house and kitchen. They not only damage property and contaminate food but also spread deadly diseases. 

If you have a rodent problem, it is important to take action immediately. One rat usually means there are a hundred more lying in your attic. In such unpredictable situations, it is best to call an experienced pest control service. They will find out the specific pests in your house to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Meanwhile, here are some common rodents in the US. 

Common rodents found in the US

The US is home to a lot of rodent types. However, here are a few commonly found rodents. 

House mice.

The most common rodents in America are house mice. In fact, it is the most common rodent around the globe, except for Antarctica. These rodents have large ears, sharp teeth, and a long tail. They love to gnaw on cables and wires and can ruin your insulation. 

Mice reproduce very quickly and become large in numbers if they are not dealt with quickly. They can be found around your walls, ceilings, and crawlspaces.


You might wonder how squirrels can be harmful to your property. Although they seem innocent with their bushy tails and furry coats, do not let yourself be fooled into thinking they are not a pest. These nut-eating animals can cause significant damage to your property by chewing on wood, cables, or wires.


Another common rodent in the US is moles. They are commonly spotted in gardens. These rodents can dig large underground tunnels and cause damage to your property’s landscape. They love eating earthworms and other small insects found beneath the soil. If you see a mole creeping around your property, call rodent control services immediately. 


Chipmunks are a subgroup of ground squirrels. However, it is easy to differentiate them from squirrels. You can recognize them by their bold stripes, small size, and mischievous nature. They look for food and shelter around backyards and decks. They mostly feed on nuts, seeds, and fruits. However, they also love to eat small frogs, bird eggs, and insects.


Most people are unable to differentiate a rat from a mouse. They look almost similar. However, certain features will help you distinguish between the two. 

Rats are more smart than mice and are difficult to get rid of. These rodents can damage your property by gnawing through wires and cables. They have strong and sharp teeth and can chew through hard substances like metal and concrete.

Take proactive steps! 

Rodents can cause damage to your house and carry a lot of health risks for humans. Therefore, you should take precautions to not let them enter your house. Additionally, you should also get rid of them as soon as possible in case you spot them in your house. You can do so by calling a pest control service in your area!

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