Aging Metal Roof

Metal roofs that are old can cause significant repair and maintenance costs if they are not repaired in a timely fashion.

This blog will provide you with a guide to the different options that are available for revitalizing and restoring your aging metal roofing.

Alternative Roofing Options

Metal roofing systems are an excellent choice for new buildings due to their durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions. However, as metal roofs age, they can develop issues such as missing fasteners, sealant failure, damaged flashings, corrosion, and even problems related to thermal movement. In such cases, basic repairs may not suffice, and a long-term investment becomes necessary.

When determining the most suitable metal roofing solution, several factors must be considered, including budget, the severity of issues, and the specific needs of your building.

Understanding the pros and cons of each option will enable you to select the one that best suits your building. This article provides a detailed overview of these metal roofing solutions, with a subtle emphasis on the benefits of metal retrofitting for older metal roofs.

All Star Roofing offers valuable insights and expert guidance for building owners with metal roofs. After reading this article, you will have greater confidence in making the best decision for your building’s metal roof.

Roof Coatings: A Budget-Friendly Solution for Minor Issues

When dealing with aging metal roofs and minor concerns like rust and small leaks, one of the most cost-effective solutions is applying a protective coating. Coating systems are specifically designed to offer an additional layer of defense against the elements. They not only help extend the lifespan of your metal roof but also address these common issues.

The coating process typically includes a thorough cleaning of the metal roof’s surface, followed by the application of a primer and a specialized coating material. These materials are formulated to adhere effectively to the metal surface, creating a watertight seal and enhancing resistance against corrosion and weathering. The market offers various coatings, catering to different needs, from lightweight options for corrosion resistance to heavy, fabric-reinforced coatings capable of sealing seams and small holes.

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